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TransMIT Gesellschaft für Technologietransfer mbH
Kerkrader Straße 3
35394 Gießen
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Dr. Peter Stumpf

01.06.2015 - TA02965
GSK-3 Inhibitors as active agents for degenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's), diabetes and cancer

The glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK-3) is one the most important key enzymes in the human organism and is involved in a variety of metabolic processes.
Few other enzymes have such a significant influence on a wide range of cellular processes. The GSK-3 phosphorylates and influences a multitude of proteins in numerous signal pathways which are activated or inhibited in this way.

Further information: PDF [209 KB]
Development status: Prototype
Author: Dr. Peter Stumpf