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PROvendis GmbH
Schloßstr. 11-15
45468 Mülheim a.d. Ruhr
T +49 (0)208/94105 10
F +49 (0)208/94105 50

Dipl.-Ing. Alfred Schillert

25.09.2013 - TA03281
SuBiCH - one step synthesis for Substituted Bisimide dyes via CH-activation

Perylene dyes are common industrial substances, which are used not only as printer or textile dyes, but also as active compounds in organic electronic devices such as LEDs or solar panels. Furthermore, the physiological effect of some derivatives is known, e.g. as telomerase inhibitors. The conventional multi-step synthesis of amine perylene derivates via bromo or nitro derivates is complex and expensive, since either a large excess of bromine is necessary or expensive alkyl bromides must be used. Scientists of the University of Bonn invented a new method to overcome this problem. SuBiCH describes the one-step preparation of amino-substituted perylene derivatives (such as bis-imides) under mild conditions.

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Entwicklungsstand: Machbarkeit
Autor: Dr. Thorsten Schaefer - Phone:+49 (0)208 94 105 27